Recruitment Status:
We always review exceptional applications.
Recruitment is open for all classes & specs. If you think you can do better then please drop us an app!
NOTE: We are particularly interested in those players from hardcore guilds, typically Top 50 World, that for whatever reason would like to raid on a much lighter schedule whilst maintaining competitive progress.
Note that only those applicants with the required experience as well as a full and detailed application form will be considered.
<Luce> recruits players for:

1) PvE Raiding (PRIMARY - 80-90% of apps)
2) PvP Battleground / Arena fun
3) Socials - we have an active roster and are always looking for fun socials to join up!

PvE Raiding - What are Luce looking for?

We are always looking for players who perform near the maximum of their respective class / spec. 
In addition to be a raider in Luce requires dedication, a positive and above all a no-drama attitude. 
Now please re-read the above sentence - does that really describe you? If not then sorry you cannot raid with us.
Luce is a close-knit raiding team (plus all the slacker socials - joke!) that has grown quickly over the last 2 years, by looking for like-minded players who know what this game is about. 
Many players that had moved on to higher ranked guilds in the past subsequently ask to come back, and that is testament to the way we do things here.

We are primarily a raiding guild. We expect applicants as well as members to always come prepared with consumables, a good attitude, and a very high raid attendance. You will have to perform, accept criticism, and show initiative in improving.

We raid around 12 hours a week, and maintain progression better than many guilds who raid 50%+ more than us - the return on your time raiding with <Luce> is therefore very good. However this also means we must be very time efficient during raids - do not apply if you cannot focus and perform to a very high standard for 3 hour stretches.
Potential raiders must be able to commit to all the 3 mandatory raids each week. We run a tight team of players and we cannot afford to have people signing off at the last minute when they want to go out with some friends that night, for example. The other 24 people make time to raid those nights, so you will have to.
Luce are 100% focused on Mythic raiding - we look for players who understand the additional skills required to raid at this level. We have a very solid core of players who have played this game for years together - however we are always looking for new blood to liven things up!
Those who join will quickly discover a guild which manages to combine a fun approach to this game with very clear 3 month (ie, current tier), 6 month and 1 year+ raiding objectives. These include World/EU Ranking brackets and Guild Achievements.
Luce was formed mid-Firelands by a group of friends who had had enough of 5-day raiding.
Our medium-term goal is to be one of the best 3-day 20 man raiding guilds in Europe/World. 
Achieving that takes patience, consistency over several tiers, and most of all building the right team to get there.
Our rankings so far reflect our continual improvement since the guild was formed:
T16: 107 (West) / EU 3 day: 6
T15: 137 (West) / EU 3 day: 8
T14: 199 (West) / EU 3 day: 21
T13: 480
We are now clearing through Highmaul Mythic! Although we currently have a very solid roster, there may be space for players that have a proven track record of performing at the highest level!
Gear is not as important as
1) Attitude
2) Skills
3) Generally being a badass dps/healz/tank...
If you fit into the guild and perform well, you will get geared up fast. 
Our Current Raiding Schedule for Warlords of Draenor:
Wednesday: 20.10 - 24.00
Thursday: 20.10 - 24.00
Sunday: 19.10 - 24.00
NOTE: Progress raids CAN be extended when we are near a kill.
If you have any questions, would like a chat on vent, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Sick Beasts:
Kîra / Kiraous
Amillata / Leitzu
Check out our Kill Videos page!