What is Luce?
Luce is a 3-day raiding guild that originated and migrated from Saurfang to Draenor during Firelands. Most of us have been playing together ever since. Our aim is always to be one of the best 3-day raiding guilds in the EU. WoW has changed a great deal since the early days and Luce has changed accordingly. We are planning to change more, so we are expecting big results in T18 - See below!

Raiding Days :
- Wednesday 20.10 CET - 00.00 CET*
- Thursday 20.10 CET - 00.00 ST CET*
- Sunday 19.10 CET - 00.00 ST CET*
(*) Progression raids can be extended when we are very close to a kill.

Guild History :
- T13: 480

- T14: 199 (West) / EU 3 day: 21
- T15: 137 (West) / EU 3 day: 8
- T16: 107 (West) / EU 3 day: 6
-T17: 166 (West) / EU 3 day: 16

What are we recruiting?
Luce is looking to climb the rankings going forward into the expansion. During T17 we’ve refined our approach to raiding, and expect very high results in T18.

  • We are looking for raiders that share our vision, who can carry their own weight.
  • We want to recruit exceptional players, because we believe that the right players will get the job done - regardless of class.

That being said we still look to fill some specific roles:

  • We are currently recruiting all specs with similar gear and experience levels as Luce.
  • Particularly interested in hardcore raiders that wish to raid fewer days/hours.
  • Specific classes and roles will be mentioned in the frame above and is current.
    (In some cases exceptions can be made if the player is exceptional)

What is it like raiding with Luce?

In Luce we believe that a well structured approach to preparation is the key to fast progress. We have an officer dedicated to running our tactics process, which includes :

  • Optional weekly tactics meetings for those who wish to contribute.
  • Active tactics discussions on skype chat where the guild can discuss previous and future raids daily.
  • Detailed tactic sheets available to the raiding team.

We value players who can contribute to the advancement of the guild. We want players who can think for themselves, improvise on the go and who can be given any task and perform it precisely.

Luce is not a guild, we are a family. We look after each other and are a very close knit team. Our primary goal is to push progression but to also enjoy spending time with each other outside of raids. Whether that’s alt raids, various other games or just being on mumble at 3am hanging out. You will find yourself turning up for the raids but staying for the guild.

Which players are we recruiting?
We are looking for players who fill these roles -

  • who can perform at a high level and think for themselves.
  • who can handle constructive criticism.
  • who are able to keep their focus during raids.
  • who have a min max attitude and aim to perform at the highest skill level. This requires keeping up to date with class theorycrafting, off specs and bosses of the current tier.
  • who are able to consistently maintain very high attendance.

These points are non-negotiable, we do not make any exceptions for anyone!
(Having an alt that you can play seriously is a plus, certain fights require certain comps!)

What do we offer you?

  • A guild that is looking to push for higher rankings.
  • A serious raiding atmosphere.
  • A raid team with like-minded players.
  • An opportunity to clear content at it's hardest difficulty.
  • An opportunity to be part of a multinational guild with a fun and social atmosphere.

Are you the type of player we need? Do you want to be part of an advancing guild, then we’d like to hear from you!

If you have any other questions, or would like to chat on mumble, contact one of our officers below :

Kiraous#1543 - Guildmaster
Evilkyro#2163 - Administration Officer
Séth#2810 - Melee Officer
fkayonline#2505 - Healing Officer
Dakushisai#2432 - Ranged Officer

For recruitment based inquiries add Dakushisai#2432 in-game and have a chat.